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While I still have your attention – or not – this page is here for you to bookmark.

Anything I see interest in, I will try to share – and so this page will be for that purpose.

2011 Kizashi Service Manual

I currently have this hosted – but there are reasons to share the actual files as well.

Things you need to know:

This service manual is essentially a CD rip – had its autorun.inf and all – for Windows XP machines to run in an Internet Explorer window. You can still do this, but I recommend just downloading a Gecko-based browser (like Firefox), extract the files to an appropriate folder and look inside the folder Xml/SAW10A for index.html.

As it stands, Chrome cannot render this manual properly due to the way it was hacked together at the time – and the task to fix it all would actually require that individual to rewrite most of it. This will have to happen later.

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Cropped to fit - while crying out - but otherwise still lovely from zerochan | Source

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