Every so often, I find myself working on something not related to this website or my Synology. More than often, I find myself deep into an electronics book or a micro-powered project.

While I have been tinkering away with my car ever since I had it, it is not until recently that I have gotten so into electronics – and with that, a new hobby.

Want to learn how to add heated seats to your vehicle (without spending over $200+) while keeping a stock look (if your vehicle comes with a heated seat option – just not currently installed). I took it upon myself doing just this.

Can you believe just the seat was $3000! Mind you it is a powered seat, but that is too much. I will be providing more details in a future post. Look forward to it.

If you see any links under this page, then that is a project.


Note: This is an ongoing post, which will be receiving updates as I gather materials (pictures, working designs, etc) to show off as much as possible. Picture the following: You have a fairly modern vehicle, and while it may or may not have anything fancy, it has everything you need to get you by every …

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