Note: This is an ongoing post, which will be receiving updates as I gather materials (pictures, working designs, etc) to show off as much as possible.

Picture the following:

You have a fairly modern vehicle, and while it may or may not have anything fancy, it has everything you need to get you by every day. But, let’s say, you want to add a few things to your vehicle without breaking out the credit card or simply prefer to do it yourself while saving a few dollars.

You install an alarm w/ or w/o remote start and find that simple enough to work with and decide to add a few more conveniences installs to your trusty vehicle. So you decide to make a few enhancements here and there but you want to keep your vehicle looking stock (no modifications to your dash that leave a part exposed and different from how your vehicle looks to any other from the same brand and model).

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All you can eat: Anime

Let me get started with this: If this is illegal where you live, I do not recommend you to follow the steps described below. I will not be the one to judge others.

Why would you do this? Simple – Not every distinctive Anime shown in Japan makes it out of Japan. At least not without the wait or the time it takes to license and dub a show. Reminder: Support the studios that bring you Anime!

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Intro and other things

It’s up and running!

After days of researching, tinkering and trying out so many different configurations just to get a place on the web, I finally have this running how I like it.

I own a Synology DS1513+ which has all my media and very important data that I access over my home network and the internet. Very handy product.

If you ask me though, I will tell you right away that if you are only using it for file-sharing or backups. You are doing it wrong!

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